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What was the deadliest fighter plane in WW2?

Meet the Deadliest Fighter Plane of World War II By the end of 1942, the FW-190 was fighting in North Africa, on the Eastern Front, and in Western Europe. In the Soviet Union, the FW-190 was effective in low-flying ground attacks on vehicle convoys and tanks.

Which pilot shot down the most German planes in WW2?

Russian-Ukrainian Aviation Marshall Ivan Kozhedub fought 120 air battles in WWII and shot down 62 German planes, making him the highest scoring Allied pilot. Kozhedub served throughout the entire war in the fearsome Lavochkin LA-7 fighter, which had a top speed of over 600 kph.

How many aircraft did the Spitfire shoot down in WW2?

Flight Lieutenant Pat Gifford of 603 Squadron shot down one of the bombers whilst Flight Lieutenants George Pinkerton and Archie McKellar of 602 Squadron shot down another. During the Battle of Britain the nineteen Spitfire squadrons were responsible for shooting down 521 enemy aircraft. An average of 27 per Spitfire.

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