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Frequently Asked Questions

Does craftsman still honor warranty?

At this point, the existing Craftsman warranty polices are upheld and will continue to be honored for as long as Sears Holding is still operating. As of this writing in April 2017, Craftsman warranties can still be redeemed as they always have.

Where do you get a broken Craftsman tool replaced?

Most Craftsman hand tools are advertised as having an unlimited lifetime warranty. If for any reason your Craftsman hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, return it to any Sears store or other Craftsman outlet in the United States for free repair or replacement.

Does Craftsman air tool have a lifetime warranty?

Remember that although many Craftsman tools have a lifetime warranty, some products have a limited warranty. The other factor that determines whether a customer can exchange broken Craftsman tools at Lowe's depends on if the Lowe's store has that particular item in stock.

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