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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking a health information management course?

A certificate in health information management can help you increase your skills, potentially helping you improve your resume. Often, individuals within the allied health industry who complete certificate programs look forward to job promotions, which may come with an increase in salary. This increase can offset the money spent on tuition.

What are the objectives of a health information management course?

This health information management program provides a solid foundation in computer information systems and technology for healthcare organizations including healthcare regulation, project management of health systems, databases, and security.

What are the topics covered in health information management courses?

The health information management component includes topics like healthcare data, health information technology, medical terminology, and healthcare compliance and coding. This program consists of the following courses. Some may be waived through transfer from your previous college experience.

What skills do health information management professionals gain from the course?

Through specialized studies and a professional practice experience (PPE), you'll learn the technology, terminology and professional skills required for a career in health information management. You'll also receive valuable exposure to a professional healthcare setting, helping position you for success in a competitive field.

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