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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of country music?

Country music is characterized by its straightforward chord progression. Economic and social challenges faced by people in rural areas are typically explored in country music. Country music often features a fiddle. Country music often employs vocal harmonies.

What is the history behind country music?

Country music was one of the first genres of modern American popular music, and old-time music was its earliest style. It developed in the southeastern states of the USA as a mix of folk music from the British Isles, church music and African American blues. It was played on instruments like acoustic guitar, mandolin, autoharp, fiddle and the banjo.

What is the origin of country music?

The origins of country music can be found in recordings Southern Appalachian fiddle players made in the late 1910s. It wasn’t until the early ‘20s, however, that country music as a viable recorded genre took hold. The first commercial country record was made by Eck Robertson in 1922 on the Victor Records label.

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