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Frequently Asked Questions

Can acid reflux cause costochondritis?

To identify if you have costochondritis--an inflammation of the cartilage that connects your ribs or the inflammation of a rib itself--it can be helpful to analyze your chest pain. Costochondritis can cause chest pain that some people mistake for a heart attack or even acid reflux due to its location.

Can costochondritis be cured?

Infectious (bacterial or fungal) costochondritis should be treated initially with intravenous (in the vein or IV) antibiotics. Afterward, antibiotics by mouth or by IV should be continued for another two to three weeks to complete the therapy.

Can cold flare up costochondritis?

There is no particular time frame during which you can expect to get a costochondritis flare up. In the winter it can be especially difficult for costochondritis patients as flare-ups become more frequent during colder weather. That doesn't mean that you should not expect to have any in the summer, some people have them all year round.

Can costochondritis cause shortness of breath?

Costochondritis is inflammation of the area that connects ribs to the sternum This is an inflammatory condition not neoplastic,it doesnt spread to the lungs but it does causes pain on breathing as the pleura touches the inflammed area during respiration,coughing,deep breathing,etc pain is felt and patient can feel short of breath.

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