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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You workout with costochondritis?

It also can improve blood flow so that injured areas can heal as well as decrease tension in muscles and joints to improve mobility. The important point to remember, especially with costochondritis, is to avoid strenuous exercise and exercises that will put too much pressure on muscles in the inflamed area.

Does costochondritis ever go away?

In many cases, costochondritis goes away on its own. Mild cases of costochondritis may disappear after a few days. Chronic cases can last for weeks or more, but most cases don't last any longer than a year. To lower your chance of persistent and chronic costochondritis, carry and lift heavy loads properly.

How do you treat costochondritis?

Improve your posture to reduce the strain on your chest. Sitting or standing with a hunched posture is likely to aggravate your costochondritis and increase your discomfort. Practice sitting, standing, and walking with a book balanced on your head. Concentrate on opening your chest and letting your shoulders roll back.

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