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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costco tire open on Sunday?

Better still, Costco Tire Center is even opened on Sundays at 10 am, which will be pretty useful as many auto centers open later on a Sunday, while others are closed entirely. Costco Tire Center closing hours have a bit more variety to them but are still great nonetheless.

Does Costco do tire repair?

Costco will replace the tire for you, however reluctantly, as it is advisable to replace tires in sets of 2 or 4 so that you experience even wear.

Can Costco repair tires?

Lifetime warranty replacement – If for any reason your tire goes flat, Costco will attempt to repair the tire or give you credit for the percentage of tread that remains. If it goes flat and the tire is pretty close to full tread, they just replace it for free.

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