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Frequently Asked Questions

What wines are available at Costco?

The Cameron Hughes Wines available at Costco, are the best value for the dollar, all of these wines come from great "pedigree" vines and wineries.

Can you buy zipz wine at Costco?

No , unfortunately, ZIPZ did not make it to Costco - and are currently out of the winemaking business. For a short period of time, you were able to purchase ZIPZ wine on websites like Amazon and in stores, but since leaving the winemaking business, you can only license their packages.

What liquor does Costco sell?

Littleton store on Wadsworth/Quincy is the only official Costco liquor store. Really great prices. This is important, because it's the only Costco that will sell the Kirkland brand liquor, which is incredibly inexpensive for what you get.

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