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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Best Buy match the prices of Costco?

Best Buy makes it clear that they'll price-match not only Costco, but all warehouse clubs in your local area. Before you ask, a local competitor must be within a 25-mile radius of your local Best Buy store. So if you have a Costco within 25 miles of your Best Buy, you're good-to-go.

Does Costco Price match with other retailers?

No, Costco does not price match other retailers. Don't run off, though! There is more to dive into here, and it can help you make the best shopping decision possible. The reason a retailer like Costco does not feel the need to price match is because they often offer the best prices on, well, everything.

Does have a price guarantee?

Yes! Also known as Price Protection or Price Guarantee, Costco does provide customers the ability to get money back on their purchases when items they have purchased drop in price or go on sale. Customers are eligible for a refund for the difference in price.

Does Costco sell pine nuts?

Pine Nuts These are by far the most expensive nuts on the list—and the most likely to be used in a pesto —but if you must have them for a recipe, Costco is where you need to buy them. Grab a 24 oz. bag of these for $22.99 at Costco, or pay the excruciating sum of $31.98 for the same bag of pine nuts on Amazon .

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