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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Costco delivery cost?

A delivery fee, ranging from $5.99 to $11.99, is applied to orders depending on the cost of the order and the time of delivery. Bottom line: With only one Costco warehouse in San Francisco (and in...

Does Costco deliver from store?

Participants in Costco's membership program receive same-day grocery delivery without added fees — meaning members pay for their groceries as they would in-store, but Costco waives their delivery fees. The service offers free delivery for your first order, but charges an added $5.99 for each delivery after that.

How long does Costco shipping take?

The other option for Costco home delivery is the 2-days delivery. You will get your parcel delivered within 2 business days. Here, the shipping charges will be completely different as in the express delivery. If you are ordering some fresh stuff, you can avail the same-day delivery option and place your order through Instacart.

How late does Costco deliver?

Delivery time: Costco offer next day, same day, or within 2 hours; Walmart offers next day, same day, or within 2 hours; Amazon offers next day, same day, or within 2 hours; 1. Costco Grocery Delivery Credit: Slickdeals. Costco currently offers two grocery delivery services, Same-Day and 2-Day.

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