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Frequently Asked Questions

What is corcorvental D capsules - 100mg?

Corvental D Capsules - 100mg is a Prescription Only Veterinary Medicine and by law requires a prescription from your vet. In order to purchase this product you need to login or register.

What happens if you overdose on corvental D?

Corvental-D is a slight stimulant to the nervous system and can be associated with restlessness and excitement if overdosed. It is sometimes advised not to give Corvental-D immediately before a general anaesthetic. If vomiting occurs, the dose should be reduced in future, or treatment should be stopped.

What does corvental d do for dogs?

By minimising the resistance of constriction, Corvental D enables the heart to function with greater efficiency, providing oxygen and nutrition to internal organs with greater ease. When given as directed by your vet, the active ingredient leads to significant extensions of the life span of dogs.

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