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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the corpus luteum and what does it do?

Dr Matt A. Morgan ◉ and Dr Jeremy Jones ◉ et al. The corpus luteum is a temporary endocrine structure involved in ovulation and early pregnancy. During ovulation, the primary follicle forms the secondary follicle and subsequently the mature vesicular follicle. At ovulation the follicle ruptures expelling the ovum into the fallopian tube.

What does implantation temperature dip mean?

Implantation Temperature Dip. The term implantation temperature dip is often used to refer to a luteal phase dip that occurs around the time of expected implantation (7-10 days past ovulation). An implantation dip is a short-term decrease in the temperature that happen around the time of expected implantation (about 6-12 after ovulation).

What happens to the corpus luteum at 16 weeks?

fertilised: the corpus luteum continues to produce these hormones and maximizes the chance of implantation into the endometrium; it reaches a maximum size at ~10 weeks and finally resolves at around 16-20 weeks.

What does a dip in basal body temperature after ovulation mean?

A Dip in Basal Body Temperature After Ovulation. Typically, after you ovulate your BBT will stay elevated for about 12 days. If you notice a dip in basal body temperature after ovulation, this may indicate a problem. You may have a short luteal phase or a luteal phase defect.

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