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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vinyl is corpus delicti?

First ever U.S. pressing of this classic sophomore album from French goth rock visionaries, Corpus Delicti! Limited edition purple and black splatter vinyl with full color printed sleeve including lyrics! Some splatter vinyl may experience minor noise issues caused during the manufacturing process.

Is corpus delicti back together?

After 23 years, Chrys, Franck, Roma and Sebastien, Corpus Delicti original line-up, are back together ! Now, working on rehearsals... A short video can be seen on the video section.

What iscorpus delicti?

Corpus Delicti As the name suggests, the entire album is pulsing with anxious energy. She Past Away have gone beyond a simple synth transition here into something truly special nope It is a remarkable stage from the 90's, but come full force into the modern era ,reminiscent of parties and home treachery adding to the indulgence of party favors.

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