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Frequently Asked Questions

What is corpus delicti and why does it matter?

Throughout the years, television and big screen crime dramas have portrayed corpus delicti in the sense that, if there is no body, there is no crime. In other words, Hollywood’s interpretation has been that a defendant cannot be convicted of murder if a corpse cannot be produced.

What is the corpus delicti rule in Florida?

The original English corpus delicti rule was limited to murder cases, but American courts expanded it to apply to all kinds of criminal cases. 5 In Florida it appears that a corpus delicti issue arose for the first time in a published opinion in 1894. 6 Today, nearly every American jurisdiction has some version of the corpus delicti rule in place.

What is acorpus delicti?

“Corpus delicti does not mean dead body, as often assumed by laymen, but the body or substance of the crime.

How much evidence does it take to prove the corpus delicti?

Practically speaking it only takes a slight bit of evidence for a prosecutor to prove the corpus delicti, or body of the crime. A body was found in an alley wrapped in a blanket. The expert witnesses all said the cause of death was “undetermined.”

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