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Frequently Asked Questions

What does corpus delicti mean in law?

Some people think corpus delicti refers to a corpse, or a dead body. Not true. Corpus delicti is a Latin phrase that means body of the crime. In a theft case, stolen property is a key part of the corpus delicti. In an assault case, a broken nose might be part of the body of the crime.

How much evidence does it take to prove the corpus delicti?

Practically speaking it only takes a slight bit of evidence for a prosecutor to prove the corpus delicti, or body of the crime. A body was found in an alley wrapped in a blanket. The expert witnesses all said the cause of death was “undetermined.”

What is an example ofcorpus delicti?

Corpus Delicti Example in Woman’s Disappearance On a warm August night in 1985, Carolyn Kenyon left her apartment, headed for her boyfriend’s house in shorts and her bare feet. She told her roommate she would be home by midnight, and didn’t take anything with her, not even her ID or her medications.

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