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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the corpus callosum is damaged?

Serious problems are uncommon with a corpus callosotomy, but there are risks, including: Risks associated with surgery, including infection, bleeding, and an allergic reaction to anesthesia. Swelling in the brain.

What happens if a corpus callosum is severed?

The corpus callosum is a band of nerve fibers located deep in the brain that connects the two halves (hemispheres) of the brain . It helps the hemispheres share information, but it also contributes to the spread of seizure impulses from one side of the brain to the other.

What would happen if you cut the corpus callosum?

The Corpus Callosum is a structure in the brain that has achieved a level of fame over the years. Mainly because of ‘Split Brain Syndrome’, when the Corpus Callosum was cut to prevent severe epilepsy. Damage to the Corpus Callosum interrupts the steady flow of information between the two sides of the brain.

Would do you expain what the corpus callosum do?

The corpus callosum is a thick band of nerve fibers that divides the cerebral cortex lobes into left and right hemispheres. It connects the left and right sides of the brain, allowing for communication between both hemispheres. The corpus callosum transfers motor, sensory, and cognitive information between the brain hemispheres.

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