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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the brain divided by the corpus callosum?

Why is the brain divided by the corpus callosum? The brain is divided into the right and left hemisphere, and the two halves are connected by the corpus callosum. This bundle of nerve tissue contains over 200 million axons (nerve fibers that carry electrical impulses from neurons’ cell bodies) by rough estimate.

What is the corpus callosum what is its function?

The primary function of the corpus callosum is to relay information between the right and left hemispheres. Each portion of the corpus callosum is responsible for relaying different types of information based on which parts of the brain it connects.

What happens if the corpus callosum is damaged?

The corpus callosum joins the two parts of the brains together. When severed or damaged, communication between the two parts is inhibited, causing problems if a situation requires the two parts of the brain to work in unison.

Why is the corpus callosum so important?

Corpus Callosum: The Superhighway for Learning. The corpus callosum is the connection between the two cerebral parts of the brain. ...Activities to Build the Corpus Callosum. ...Corpus Callosum: Fun FactsIntegrated Movement Activity Center. ...

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