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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the anatomy of the corpus callosum?

Gross anatomy. The corpus callosum is approximately 10 cm in length and is C-shaped (like most supratentorial structures) in a gentle upwardly convex arch. It is thicker posteriorly. It is divided into four parts (anterior to posterior): rostrum (continuous with the lamina terminalis) genu. trunk/body. splenium.

What is the difference between internal capsules and corpus callosum?

The internal capsules are white matter tracts which connect with the corona radiata and white matter of the cerebral hemispheres superiorly, and with the brain stem inferiorly. The corpus callosum is a white matter tract located in the midline.

Why is the corpus callosum called the tough body?

The corpus callosum gets its name from the Latin language (“tough body”). It is the largest white matter structure in the brain both in terms of size (700 square millimeters for the midsagittal cross-section) and number of axonal projections (200 million) between the two hemispheres.

What is the difference between the corpus callosum and the splenium?

The callosal sulcus separates the two structures. The anterior part of the corpus callosum (rostrum, genu, body) is attached inferiorly to the fornix by the septum pellucidum while the splenium is attached inferiorly to the crura and the commissure of the fornix.

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