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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of Social Studies?

Social studies. The term was first coined by American educators around the turn of the twentieth century as a catch-all for these subjects, as well as others which did not fit into the traditional models of lower education in the United States, such as philosophy and psychology.

What is an example of Sociology?

Sociology is defined as the study of human values, relationships, beliefs and society. An example of sociology is what someone is studying when they attend a religious service of a religion that isn’t their own.

What does elementary mean in social studies?

Purpose of Elementary Social Studies. The purpose of elementary school social studies is to enable students to understand, participate in, and make informed decisions about their world. Social studies content allows young learners to explain relationships with other people, to institutions, and to the environment,...

What is Social Studies Dictionary?

Definition of social studies. : a part of a school or college curriculum concerned with the study of social relationships and the functioning of society and usually made up of courses in history, government, economics, civics, sociology, geography, and anthropology.

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