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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Consumer Cellular, and is it worth it?

Consumer Cellular customers can expect reasonable pricing (based on limited services), a month-to-month payment platform, quality coverage nationwide, and plan flexibility. Consumer Cellular is a great option for those who don't need a lot of data but want ample minutes and messages available to spend time talking or texting.

Does Consumer Cellular have good coverage?

In the case of Consumer Cellular, you’re going to be getting the networks of both AT&T and T-Mobile. AT&T is the third-best in the nation. They provide 58% coverage. T-Mobile is second-best, with 59% coverage. This means that Consumer Cellular, despite having the reputation of a smaller, regional company, is pretty well covered in this regard.

Is Consumer Cellular a good company?

Great company, good management. Consumer Cellular treats their employees well but metrics became too stressful. Consumer Cellular kept changing the rules and guidelines to maintain my bonuses. Always fearful of loosing my job. Was this review helpful? A great place to work that helps you succeed.

Is Consumer Cellular a good choice?

If your neck of the woods looks coverage with either map, you can depend on Consumer Cellular. Keeping to the theme of “surprisingly good,” Consumer Cellular also has decent 4G data speeds. Whether you use T-Mobile or AT&T's networks, you can expect solid data speeds.

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