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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ticketmaster buy tickets?

Generally speaking, the vast majority of the tickets sold in the U.S. are sold originally by Ticketmaster. This is where most fans buy their tickets and also where many brokers buy tickets to re-sell to fans. Ticketmaster could be referred to as an "original" source of tickets.

Where can I buy Ticketmaster Tickets?

You can buy tickets by visiting a Ticketmaster ticket center. In Arizona, they are located at Fry's Marketplace stores and some Walmart stores. Be aware that tickets purchased at a retail location can't be resold through Ticketmaster ticket exchange.

What is a concert show?

Concert. Informal names for a concert include "show" or sometimes, "gig" for musicians who play in lots of different concerts, with different groups. A concert tour is a set of concerts where the performers travel to different cities or towns.

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