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Frequently Asked Questions

What is com+?

Thank you. COM+ is an evolution of Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). COM+ builds on and extends applications written using COM, MTS, and other COM-based technologies.

What does “COM” mean on a domain name?

“.com” is short for “commercial.” A site doesn’t necessarily have to have a commercial purpose to use it (though most commercial sites do use this domain). Instead, “.com” is a bit of a catch-all, since this domain name is available to anyone. This differs from more restrictive domain names like “.edu” and “.mil.” Another potential meaning?

What is the “com” part of a URL called?

What is the “.com” part called? This final part of your URL is called the top-level domain (TLD) or the domain name extension. It is among the highest levels within the hierarchal Domain Name System (DNS) after the root domain.

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