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Frequently Asked Questions

What does being collective mean?

collective(Noun) A group dedicated to a particular cause or interest. collective(Adjective) Formed by gathering or collecting; gathered into a mass, sum, or body; congregated or aggregated; as, the collective body of a nation.

What is another word for collective?

Another word for collective. collective Synonyms. modif. collected, combined, aggregate, group, cumulative, accumulated, gathered, concentrated, consolidated, common, cooperative, composite, concerted, corporate, joint, mutual, collectivist; see also common 5, gathered. collective Synonyms. n.

What does collectively mean?

Define collectively. collectively synonyms, collectively pronunciation, collectively translation, English dictionary definition of collectively. adj. 1. Assembled into or viewed as a whole. 2. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting as a group: a collective decision....

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