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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clickclickclickclickclick?

Click Click Click is a browser event based game developed by Moniker & VPRO. The visitor of the website will find itself on a flat white website with one single green button in the centre of the screen. Confronted with this empty screen the user (called ‘the subject’) most likely will be triggered to act with his mouse.

What is an auto clicker?

An auto clicker is a software or macro that automates your mouse clicks at certain points. It is used for various video games and other applications, where you need to repeatedly click at certain places for a long period of time. You can check accuracy of an Auto Clicker using CPS Test. It will count the clicking speed for certain time.

Where can I download autoclicker for free?

Download Free Auto Clicker. Welcome to The official website for Auto Mouse Clicker. Here you will get the Latest Version of Auto Clicker and all details about the latest version of Auto Clicker. We are also providing a variety of Auto clicker according to its use and its platform.

Is the world's greatest click game closed?

!!! CONGRATU­LATIONS !!! After 10 happy years of clicking, the world's greatest click game has closed. Millions of players have clicked for their countries in a weekly click war. Great videos have been made, respecting each other as adversaries. We hope you have enjoyed playing.

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