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Frequently Asked Questions

Why NCERT books for Class 7 civics?

The NCERT Books for Class 7 Civics provides a clear idea about the topics present in the chapters. By using the solutions PDF, students will get an in-depth knowledge about the concepts discussed in each chapter. These solutions will improve confidence among students to prepare for the Class 9 exams.

What are the topics in Chapter 5 of Class 7 civics?

In this chapter, students should focus on topics like Growing up in Samoa in the 1920s, Growing up male in Madhya Pradesh in the 1960s, Valuing housework, Lives of domestic workers, Women’s work and equality. NCERT Book Class 7 Social Science (Civics): Chapter 5 - Women Change the World

How many chapters are there in the civics textbook?

The textbook comprises a total of 9 chapters which are arranged sequentially from easy to difficult ones. All the chapters mentioned in the textbook are interrelated with each other. Having a stronghold of Class 7 Civics textbook, students can answer any type of questions asked from any chapter.

What are the keywords in ncncert Class 7 social science (civics)?

NCERT Book Class 7 Social Science (Civics): Chapter 5 - Women Change the World Some of the important keywords of this chapter are Stereotypes, Discrimination, Violation, Sexual harassment, Women’s movement, Schooling and education today, Learning for change, Fewer opportunities & rigid expectations.

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