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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I teach civics to elementary school students?

There are a variety of ways that elementary teachers can bring civics concepts into the classroom. Ask, “What Do I Believe?” Provide students with an opportunity to identify issues they care about and help them research the topic and reflect on what they can do about it. Discussing the concepts of fair and unfair engages young children quickly.

What is the aim of civics education?

Motivating this framework is a notion that teaching students facts about U.S. government is a goal, but not the exclusive goal, of civics education. The aim of civics education is broader and includes providing students with an understanding of how democratic processes work, as well as how to engage in these processes.

Is there a void in civics education?

The lack of participatory elements of learning in state accountability frameworks highlights a void in civics education, as experts indicate that a high-quality civics education is incomplete without teaching students what civic participation looks like in practice, and how citizens can engage in their communities.

What is missing from a high-quality civics education?

The data highlight how critical parts of a civics education, namely participatory elements and community engagement, are often missing from state requirements, whereas discussion and knowledge-building components appear more common. What constitutes a high-quality civics education?

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