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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Class 9 political science (civics)?

CBSE Notes Class 9 Political Science (Civics) CBSE Class 9 Political Science is covered in the textbook, Democratic Politics-I and includes topics such as Constitutional Design, Electoral Politics, Democratic Rights and so on, spread across 5 Chapters.

Is there any complete NCERT solutions for Class 9 civics?

The complete NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Civics is provided. The answer of each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters and select which you want. Chapter 2- What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

How many questions are there in the last chapter of Civics?

The last chapter of Class 9 Civics contains a total of 10 questions. By going through the solutions, students will find that the answers are not too long. Although we have provided the answers to all questions, if the students want to, they can also write the answers in their own way.

Where can I find answers to ICSE Class 9 total history?

Shaalaa provides solutions for Morning Star Class 9 and has all the answers for the questions given in ICSE Class 9 Total History and civics. Shaalaa is surely a site that most of your classmates are using to perform well in exams.

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