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Frequently Asked Questions

What should the students study class 8 civics Chapter 1 notes?

The students should study class 8 civics chapter 1 notes sincerely to have a clear concept of this chapter. Why does a country need a constitution?

What is Indian Constitution class 8 social science civics Chapter 1?

Class 8 social science civics chapter 1 gives the knowledge of the Indian constitution. As a responsible citizen of the country, the students should perform social duties. To perform social duties, the students have to know the social life and the rules of society. The constitution is the supreme social rule of a country.

Why NCERT solutions for Class 8 social science civics?

Solving and practicing the question from all chapters make you feel confident to attempt the final exams and score good grades. In order to get a good grip on the subject and perform well in the exam is the main purpose of the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Civics.

What is the importance of Constitution in Class 8 political science?

CBSE Class 8 Political Science... The constitution is an integral part of the law of a country. Every citizen of a country should be aware of their constitution. Students are the future citizens of a country. They have to be involved in social life. The students should perform some social duties as a responsible citizen of a country.

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