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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any NCERT solutions for Class 8 civics Chapter 1?

Here, we have provided the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Civics Chapter 1 – The Indian Constitution, which contains answers to the exercise questions. These NCERT Solutions will help students in their exam preparation.

What is Chapter 1 of Class 8 civics book about?

Chapter 1 of Class 8 Civics book discusses the Indian Constitution. In the beginning, the chapter explains why we need a constitution and also states 3 reasons describing it in detail. By going through this chapter, students will become familiar with the key features of the Indian Constitution.

What is Indian Constitution class 8 social science civics Chapter 1?

Class 8 social science civics chapter 1 gives the knowledge of the Indian constitution. As a responsible citizen of the country, the students should perform social duties. To perform social duties, the students have to know the social life and the rules of society. The constitution is the supreme social rule of a country.

Why MSBSHSE Class 8 social science civics Chapter 1 solutions?

These solutions are prepared by subject matter experts who have a deep knowledge in this field. Students are advised to go through MSBSHSE Class 8 solutions Social Science Civics Chapter 1, so that they can face the exam confidently. Q1.

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