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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chapter 3 of Class 8 civics?

Chapter 3 - Why do we Need a Parliament? Understand how the Parliament operates in this chapter. Our NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 8 Civics Chapter 3 will also help you revise the differences between the state government and the central government.

Why CBSE notes Class 8 civics book – Social and political life?

Notes not only provide an overview of the chapter in a short span of time but also help you to recall all the important topics. So, to help you in exam preparation, we have compiled the CBSE Notes Class 8 Civics for all chapters. Class 8 Civics Book – Social and Political Life III, consist of 10 chapters.

Where can I find NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 8 civics?

TopperLearning provides complete NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 8 Civics students. To enable quick access to these Civics solutions, we have presented them in a chapter-wise format on our education portal. You will have an accurate answer key for the textbook questions in every chapter.

How many sections are there in Social Science in Class 8?

The social science for class 8 is divided into 3 sections like History, Geography and Civics. How many books are there in Class 8 English subject? As per NCERT, there are two books in Class 8 English syllabus. One is ‘Honeydew’ – A textbook for class 8 English and the other one is ‘It so happened…’.

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