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Frequently Asked Questions

Why class 6 civics is important for CBSE Class 6?

Class 6 Civics carries some weightage in Social Science. Understanding the concepts of Civics are important for CBSE Class 6 students if they wish to score good marks in the Social Science exam. To help the students prepare for the exams comprehensively, we have provided the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Civics.

How many chapters are there in NCERT textbook Class 6 civics?

There are 9 chapters in NCERT textbook of Class 6 Civics and important subheads of each chapter are given below - What does diversity add to our lives? - How do we explain Diversity? NCERT Books for Class 6 Civics: Chapter 2 - Diversity and Discrimination

What are the types of government class 6?

A government can be of many types–democracy, republic, monarchy, aristocracy, and dictatorship and so on. From Chapter 3 of CBSE Class 6 Civics, students will explore the definition, role and functions of a Government. In a democratic government, equality and justice are maintained for all citizens.

How many chapters are there in NCERT class 6 social science?

Ncert solution class 6 Social Science includes textbook solutions from part 1 and part 2 and part 3 NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 6 Social Science have total 29 chapters. 6 Social Science NCERT Solutions in PDF for free Download on our website.

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