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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Denver's Civic Center Park known for?

Surrounded by numerous institutions of arts, government, and culture, Civic Center Park is the center of Denver's civic life. The park is home to many fountains, statues, and formal gardens, including a Greek amphitheater, war memorial, and the Voorhies Memorial Seal Pond.

What is civic center moves?

The Civic Center Conservancy's annual event, Civic Center EATS, brings a variety of Denver's best food trucks to Civic... Civic Center MOVES is an outdoor yoga series welcome for people of all ages and abilities who are looking to engage in physical expression, outdoor activity, and harmonize with the Denver community.

What is the Civic Center Conservancy?

Civic Center Park's preservation is vital to Denver's historic footprint as well is its modern-day life; ensuring this fact is realized is the nonprofit Civic Center Conservancy , whose mission is to keep this essential public space active and thriving for all. The Conservancy helps bring to life the visions our founders had over 100 years ago.

Where to eat civically in Denver?

Open-Air Pop-Up Bar Around the Seal Pond at Voohries in Civic Center Park The Seal Pond at Voorhies inside Denver’s Civic Center Park Select Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays Bar Civic is a cashless event space accepting major credit... Eat Civically at Denver's Famous Food Truck Event!

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