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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Civic Center of Oklahoma City located?

201 North Walker Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 594-8300 ©2021 Civic Center Music Hall

What is inside the Civic Center Music Hall?

A complete interior renovation of the historic Civic Center Music Hall included accommodations for major theatrical, dance and musical groups, a multi-story atrium, balconies, box seats and suites, excellent acoustics, and a hydraulic orchestra pit.

How do I contact the Oklahoma City Music Hall box office?

Call the box office at (405) 297-2264 or (800) 364-7111. The Music Hall is operated by the Parks & Recreation Department.

Where can I find new or remodeled theaters in Oklahoma City?

Other new or remodeled venues include the Meinders Hall of Mirrors, the Freede Little Theatre, the Joel Levine Rehearsal Hall and CitySpace, a "black box" minimalist theater. Call the box office at (405) 297-2264 or (800) 364-7111.

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