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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get citizenship?

Legal residents can apply for U.S. citizenship, but after five years of being green card holders. For immigrants married to U.S. citizens, from green card to U.S. citizenship will take around three years.

What is the average time to get citizenship?

For permanent residents who have established residency in the U.S. for the required amount of time, the actual U.S. citizenship application process can take between six months to one year, or even more.

What are the three types of citizenship?

They discuss the three types of citizens within a given society: “The Personally-responsible citizen”, “The Participatory Citizen”, and “The Justice Oriented Citizen”. The Personally-responsible citizen believes in being responsible for your community.

What is the easiest country to obtain citizenship?

One of the easiest countries to get citizenship in has been Paraguay. While many would be hard-pressed to locate it on a map, the country has a rather good travel document that offers visa-free travel to Europe and all of South America.

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