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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cibola Vista Resort and spa?

This is Cibola Vista.” Cibola Vista Resort and Spa was originally designed for the seven “cities”, six as spacious villas and the seventh city, the resort’s extensive amenity core.

Is Bluegreen Vacations Cibola Vista Resort and spa an ascend resort family friendly?

Yes, Bluegreen Vacations Cibola Vista Resort and Spa an Ascend Resort is popular with guests booking family stays. Can I park a car at Bluegreen Vacations Cibola Vista Resort and Spa an Ascend Resort?

Why stay at the 7 cities of Cibola?

Named for the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola which were believed to contain untold riches, the resort features the finest amenities designed to enhance your stay. The Southwestern décor of our villas and suites will inspire you to seek all the treasures this beautifully appointed resort has to offer.

Who is the creator of Cibola Vista?

Neil S. Cumsky, creator of Cibola Vista, says it best, “We are committed to providing our owners the absolute finest quality in their vacation home and in their vacation experience. The memories we help create will last a lifetime.

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