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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cibola High School located?

Cibola High School is part of the Yuma Union High School District and our school is located in Yuma, Arizona. With our outstanding teaching staff, dedicated support staff, and committed administrators, Cibola High School maintains the highest standards for our students.

Does Cibola High School use standards-based grading?

Click to view more information on Cibola High School's implementation of Standards-Based Grading. Congratulations to our AVID Seniors! Cibola's winners of the District-Wide Reading Challenge, "Review It are...

What are the AIA registration requirements for Cibola High School?

According to AIA bylaw 17.5.1, students must be registered at Cibola High School to attend these sessions. Students who will be entering Cibola High School as Freshmen must be registered and have promoted from eighth grade before attending any out-of-season activities or tryouts.

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