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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep in touch with an inmate at Cibola County detention center?

Therefore, the jail does have strict guidelines on who can keep in touch. If you wish to stay in touch with an inmate in Cibola County Detention Center, here are the ways you can do so: Talk to an inmate on the phone: Inmates at Cibola County Detention Center are not permitted to have incoming phone calls.

What is the mission of Cibola County?

The Mission, and primary purpose, of Cibola County, is to provide public safety services to the citizens of Cibola County and the State of New Mexico. Performing at the highest level of professionalism to provide and ensure safe, secure, humane-detention, transport, and housing of local, state, regional, and federal detainees.

Who is the warden of Cibola County Correctional Center?

You can also search by state or job category. Robert Nilius was named warden at Cibola County Correctional Center in March 2021. Nilius joined CoreCivic in 1997 as a case manager at T. Don Hutto Detention Center, where he also served as business manager, compliance officer and program director.

What are some good things to do in Cibola County?

Cibola County Correctional Center; volunteer at local fire, police and sheriff's departments and churches; Casas por Cristo; Walk for Life; City of Grants and Cibola County's Fire and Ice Bike Rally; Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall. Restrictive Housing Unit Report Q3 2019: Download

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