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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the public records in Cibola County Florida?

This office keeps all official public records of the County, such as resolutions, ordinances, deeds, mortgages and marriage licenses for marriages within Cibola County. The Clerk is also the chief administrator of elections.

Why choose Cibola County government?

The mission of Cibola county government is to provide an efficient, effective, responsive and transparent government that achieves the Board of County Commissioners’ vision for Cibola County; a New Mexico gem in which to live and work! Cibola County was created in 1981 out of the huge western most part of what was then Valencia County.

What is the Cibola County Planning and rural addressing Department?

The mission for the Cibola County Planning and Rural Addressing Department is to provide quality geospatial data along with GIS services to county departments and the public. We are a technology oriented department that assists other Cibola County departments and citizens with mapping and data support.

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