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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the Seven Cities of Cibola?

According to legend, the seven cities of gold could be found throughout the pueblos of the New Mexico Territory. The cities were Hawikuh, Halona, Matsaki, Quivira, Kiakima, Cibola, and Kwakina. While there have always been mentions of a seventh city, no evidence of a site has been found.

What does Cibola mean in English?

Cibola in English. Cibola commonly refers to: Cevola or Cibola, the Spanish transliteration of a native name for a pueblo (Hawikuh Ruins) conquered by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado. One of the Seven Cities of Gold (myth), the Spanish legend that Coronado tracked to Hawikuh.

What county is Cibolo TX 78108?

About Cibolo, Texas. Cibolo, TX is a city in both Bexar County and Guadalupe County. Cibolo is located on the outskirts of Northeast Side, San Antonio, TX near Randolph AFB off FM 78 and FM 1103. Cibolo is in the 78108 zip code.

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