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Frequently Asked Questions

Why visit Cibola National Wildlife Refuge?

Get outside and explore Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, managed for the benefit of wildlife and you. The Yuma Tribes of the Colorado River farmed the river‘s floodplain, which flooded annually depositing rich soils for crops.

What to do in Cibola in January?

If you are a bird lover, you will enjoy a trip to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. At least in January - not sure about other months. This refuge is off the beaten path, some would say in the middle of nowhere, but is worth the trip. We saw thousands of Snow Geese and Canada Geese.

Can you fish on Cibola lake in Colorado?

Cibola Lake and adjoining lands are closed to all activities between Labor Day to March 15 in order to provide a safe and undisturbed area for the wintering waterfowl. Fishing, however, is permitted in a boat on the main channel of the Colorado River and all land and water to the west.

How far away is Yuma from the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge?

Yuma is at least 75 miles away from the Cibola NWR. I sure hope that you enjoyed your visit to this very arid spot along the Colorado River. How do we get to this Refuge from Lake Havasu City, AZ. Are there hotels nearby?

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