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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use CIBC ATMs?

You can use CIBC ATMs at select Pioneer and ONroute locations. When you visit, you get more than a branch. You get a Banking Centre. We’re here for you when you want expert help. We’re easy to find, at over 1,000 locations across Canada. Many locations are open late and on weekends (yes, Sunday too!) Your plans for your money are personal.

Why work at CIBC?

CIBC employees proudly volunteer, donate, run and walk to make positive changes in our communities. Do you want to keep learning and growing? With an inclusive culture that supports professional development, CIBC employees don’t have jobs — they have careers. Are you ready to help build the future of banking?

Can I get a cash advance with my CIBC credit card?

You can also get a cash advance from your CIBC MasterCard – look for the Interac, MasterCard or Cirrus logos. Charges may apply. For more details about personal bank account fees or your CIBC credit card’s terms and conditions, refer to Additional Service Fees.

What was it like to be a teller in 1979?

This was a time before computers, 1979. When being a teller was not about retail goals and sales were not part of the job description of teller. Everyone was upbeat and customer service was most important. Everything was manual. No computers. Was this review helpful? Management is fair and working schedule is flexible.

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