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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does CIBC have the most branches in the US?

The bank has most branches in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. As of today, CIBC Bank USA is the 382nd largest bank in US by branch count. CIBC Bank USA is the 31st largest bank in Illinois with 19 branches; 199th in Wisconsin with 1 branches and 107th in Michigan with 1 branches.

Is CIBC available in the US?

CIBC U.S. Bank is the U.S. arm of the Toronto-based Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Its U.S. offerings are split between online-only accounts for high-yield savings and CDs and offline accounts for low-fee checking and other accounts. For this review, we considered the online options only.

What is the address of the CIBC Bank headquarters?

The full address of bank headquarters is 120 South Lasalle Street , Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60603. You can visit the official website of the bank at for more information and online banking service if available. For a list of all CIBC Bank USA branches and detailed branch information like hours of operation,...

What does CIBC Capital Markets stand for?

Commercial real estate products and services offered by CIBC Bank USA and CIBC Inc. CIBC Capital Markets is a trademark brand name under which CIBC and some of its subsidiaries, including CIBC World Markets Inc., CIBC World Markets Corp. and CIBC Bank USA, provide different products and services.

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