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Frequently Asked Questions

How to initiate international wire transfer from CIBC Bank USA?

Some International wires require an IBAN number, but bank accounts in USA do not have an IBAN. However, you need to provide ABA Routing Number and your Account Number along with Swift Code of CIBC Bank USA to initiate International wire transfer. We couldn't find the Swift Code for CIBC Bank USA.

How much does it cost to wire money with CIBC Bank?

A: The cost for wiring money transfers with CIBC Bank is reliant on the amount you are sending; for example: Any amount $10,000 or less = $30 service fee. Between $10,000.01 and $50,000 = $50 service fee. Any amount greater than $50,000 = $80 service fee. The cost of wiring money increases as the amount being sent increases.

Does CIBC have a bank in the US?

CIBC’s U.S. affiliate is CIBC Bank USA. It’s a full-service retail and commercial bank. It offers cross-border banking solutions with the CIBC Bank USA Smart Account. For information about other products and services, contact your CIBC Financial Advisor.

How many routing numbers does CIBC Bank USA have?

CIBC BANK USA has 10 active routing numbers. Routing numbers consist of a nine-digit numeric code printed on the bottom of checks that is required for electronic routing of funds (such as direct deposits, domestic and international wire transfers, electronic payments, automatic payments, ACH transfers) from one bank account to another.

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