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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the owner of CIBC worth?

Total assets. $17.7 billion (2016) Owner. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Parent. CIBC Bancorp USA. Website. us .cibc .com. CIBC Bank USA is an American commercial bank headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Is there a CIBC Bank in the US?

CIBC Bank USA is CIBC's second foray into the American commercial banking market. Its previous unsuccessful operations, CIBC National Bank and Amicus Federal Savings Bank, were founded in 2000 to provide co-branded banking services for supermarket chains and both entered voluntary liquidation in 2003.

What does CIBC Capital Markets stand for?

Commercial real estate products and services offered by CIBC Bank USA and CIBC Inc. CIBC Capital Markets is a trademark brand name under which CIBC and some of its subsidiaries, including CIBC World Markets Inc., CIBC World Markets Corp. and CIBC Bank USA, provide different products and services.

What is the largest acquisition in CIBC's history?

The PrivateBancorp acquisition was the largest in CIBC's history. CIBC Bank USA holds the naming rights to the CIBC Theatre (formerly The PrivateBank Theatre), a performing arts venue in Chicago's Loop. The theater officially adopted the CIBC branding on September 18, 2017.

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