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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chordie?

Chordie is a search engine for lyrics, chords and tabs. Most of the songs have chord diagrams, and can automatically be transposed to a different key. Currently the index contains more than 70.000 songs from several hundres artists, spanning rock, pop, jazz.

Who is this chordie app for?

ChordieApp is designed for musicians, teachers, producers, or anyone who works in music. It’s designed to make the arduous task of learning or teaching chord names and how to read sheet music extremely easy. No longer will the secrets of extended harmony be relegated to the classroom in the college theory programs. Teach yourself!!

What's the difference between Ultimate Guitar and chordie?

It doesn't have as big a catalog of free guitar chords as Ultimate Guitar, but Chordie presents chords and lyrics in a super clean interface. Chordie is built from another community of guitarists, who contribute their time to upload guitar chords and lyrics to different songs.

How do I upgrade chordie?

Using APKPure App to upgrade Chordie, fast, free and save your internet data. Use your microphone to instantly detect the song playing and find guitar chords. Step 3 - Get the chords!

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