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Frequently Asked Questions

Is China much better than India?

China’s Manufacturing Productivity is 1.6 times than that of India. China produces a lot more than India does. It also does so remarkably more efficiently. Given the better quality infrastructure and better production techniques at China’s disposal, it is not astounding that the average Chinese worker produces 1.6 times more output than ...

Will there ever be cold war between India and China?

So some conflict is inevitable. But the Chinese think that they have to compete with the USA and not with India. So a cold war can arise between China and the USA and it is not likely to occur between India and China.

Is life better in India or China?

Life is much much better in a democratic country like India. Here citizens can express their views somewhat freely. This freedom of speech and expressing oneself is limited in China. Freedom to express means a lot. We in India never appreciate this freedom of speech, express and protest freely.

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