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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the China-Japan deal mean for technology?

The countries did not publicly announce the agreement, because of its sensitivity, and details remain unclear. But the deal seems likely to put technology industries in the countries on a more even footing, preventing companies in Japan and the Netherlands from rushing in to claim market share in China that has been abandoned by U. S. firms.

Is China's rebound a key determinant of global demand and prices?

Mr. Birol said the strength of China’s rebound from its Covid-19 lockdowns this year would be a key determinant of global demand and prices. There remains a high degree of uncertainty because a recession in the United States and Europe could reduce demand.

What does the Biden-China Agreement mean for the semiconductor industry?

The agreement, which followed high-level meetings with U.S. national security officials in Washington, will help expand the reach of sweeping restrictions issued unilaterally by the Biden administration in October on the kinds of semiconductor technology that can be shared with China.

Is China's lack of information-sharing a threat to global health?

"A lack of accurate and detailed information-sharing from China, coupled with a still fairly limited systemic monitoring of pathogens from the rest of the world—at least not as synced up between global players in both industry and government—leads to a perpetual risk of a wider outbreak of infections," Gutman told Newsweek.

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