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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ceragem Master V3?

CERAGEM MASTER V3 is the world's first therapeutic device allowing to obtain an optimum massage and moxibustion based on the length and natural curves of the spine of a person, regardless of gender and age.

Why Ceragem spine science?

Ceragem Spine Science was born width the will to keep healththe first condition of happiness. Human spine consists of 26 vertebrae. The spine is taking an important role much more than a column supporting the body. Ceragem believes that the first step to maintain healthy lifestyle is to aware the importance and value of the spine.

How much is the Ceragem Master V3 E mb-1101?

Show details This item: CERAGEM Master V3-E MB-1101 New Personal Thermal Therapeutic Bed $7,999.00 ($7,999.00 / 1 Count) NIVEA Skin Firming Variety Includes Skin Firming Lotion, Shea Butter, 6.7 Oz (Pack of 2) $15.74 ($15.74 / 1 Count)

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