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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Ceragem Master V3 be used for children?

Now the device is easy to use not only for adults but also for children-the scanning function is available if the child's height has reached 120 cm. Personal therapeutic device Ceragem Master V3 is an amazing combination of Western medical practices, advanced production technologies and techniques of Oriental medicine.

How much is the Ceragem Master V3 E mb-1101?

Show details This item: CERAGEM Master V3-E MB-1101 New Personal Thermal Therapeutic Bed $7,999.00 ($7,999.00 / 1 Count) NIVEA Skin Firming Variety Includes Skin Firming Lotion, Shea Butter, 6.7 Oz (Pack of 2) $15.74 ($15.74 / 1 Count)

Where are the Ceragem products made?

Ceragem headquarter is in South Korea and all the Ceragem products are made in Korea. We carry Ceragem Master V3, Ceratonic Mat S1 and M1 and Healax.

What is mastermaster V3?

Master V3 is the only thermal massage bed capable of implementing a fully customized massage based on user’s height and weight. While accommodates user's spinal curvature, APMS also offers 6 different levels of intensity control for user to choose and to personalized a setup that suits to their physical conditions.

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