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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ceragem FDA approved?

The company CERAGEM has been around since 1998. Millions of people all over the world regularly use and benefit from CERAGEM. The safety and efficiency of the CERAGEM V3 has been recognized by FDA as a class II medical device.

What is the Ceragem the automatic thermal massager?

Intended uses of the CERAGEM the Automatic Thermal Massager is to provide muscle relaxation therapy by delivering heat and soothing massage. Additionally, the product provides topical radiant infrared heat for: We have multiple beds to accommodate multiple people.

What is Ceragem V3?

What is Ceragem? CERAGEM V3 scans the spine with the internal projector while moving along the body from head to pelvis it measures the length of your spine, the degree of your spinal curvature and measures body pressure distribution. It uses that information to offer unprecedented, personalized thermal treatment.

What is the Ceragem bed?

The Ceragem bed does chiropractic stretching and adjustment and deep tissue massage employing Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which is deep penetrating healing heat. At the end of your session, most of our clients report that they feel very warm, have more energy, relaxed and able to have deep restorative sleep same night.

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